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Narration Policy

You might find my stories good enough to narrate on YouTube or another source of narrating venues. I allow it and allow it for free, but I do have rules.

  1. My stories belong to me. I think of them and write them. They’re my property.
  2. I’m good at law and copyright.
  3. You can narrate my stories for free, but if you want to pay/donate for them, I’ll gladly accept it. Contact me for more information.
  4. You can’t change my story. You have to tell it how I write it.
  5. If you narrate one story in a series, you have to narrate all of the stories in the series. You need to do it in order, too.
  6. You have to link back to this website ( My username isn’t enough. I want a “do follow” link to my website. You narrate for free, so you can link back to me. That’s not too much to ask for.
  7. If you don’t link back to me, I don’t allow you to narrate my work. I’ll pursue whatever legal action I can take. I’ll contact hosting service. I’ll oust you in the public. It’s fair to just link to me. Don’t be an asshole.
  8. Contact Me after you narrate my story. I’ll promote your narration as long as you credit my website. I’ll even post a blog about it. We can even work together if you want to that is. Credit me in your narration, and we’ll be great friends.

That’s it. No further steps are needed. Narrate away! Just please credit my link because it helps me grow in the end. I think that’s totally fair. Other authors want money. I’m fine with a simple link. But I welcome payment or donations!

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