Startled Crow

About the Startled Crow

I’m the Startled Crow. I have been online for a long time. I first started getting online back in the days of AOL, WebTV, and Dialup – and even before that, when we used real floppy discs.

I used to enjoy drawing as a child and drew monsters and scary situations that I created from bad dreams I had.

I’ve always enjoyed the horror literature genre.

Now I write horror.

Horror. Creature Features. Oddities. Creepypastas. That’s what I get into. Short stories that I can publish on this blog.

I’m just a normal guy. I have a normal life, family, and somewhat normal job. I’m not a goth or a Satan worshipper. I just enjoy horror literature and mainly writing it.

That’s really all there is to know about me.

Want Your Horror Story to Appear on this Site?

If you have a good horror story or creepypasta that fits the style of the Startled Crow, you can guest contribute your story on this blog.

Want to Narrate One of My Stories on YouTube?

I welcome YouTube Narrators to tell my stories on YouTube as long as they meet my very easy conditions and requiring money isn’t one of them.

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