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Are you also a horror or creepypasta writer? Do you want to be featured on my blog with me? I’m always looking for other authors to be published on my site. If you’re interested in that, I’m interested in you.

I’ll give you one (1) “Do Follow” link to your website (or Reddit page or whatever) to your other stories. No commercial or non-related links are allowed. This service is to help horror writers and businesses.

If you’re interested (this is a free service!), contact me below:

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Want Your Horror Story to Appear on this Site?

If you have a good horror story or creepypasta that fits the style of the Startled Crow, you can guest contribute your story on this blog.

Want to Narrate One of My Stories on YouTube?

I welcome YouTube Narrators to tell my stories on YouTube as long as they meet my very easy conditions and requiring money isn’t one of them.

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